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New Leaders of Jinzhou City Visited Wonder Group
Jin Guowei, new secretary of Jinzhou Committee of the Communist Party of China, and deputy mayor of Jinzhou City Wang Xinyu visited Rhiva (Jinzhou) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Wonder Group, on June 24 for investigating the construction of high-quality projects. Zeng Qingdong, chairman and president of Wonder Group, was also present.

The two leaders started this investigation on June 18, less than a week after they took office. This fully reflects the confidence of local governmentin promoting high-quality development and the importance it attaches to the development of innovative enterprises.

Rhiva is a high-tech enterprise, aiming at providing globally leading powertrain products for Battery Electric vehicles. The company was established in August 2019 andits main products include motors, controllers and 3 in 1 powertrain system. Jin and Wei walked into the workshop and new energy test center to get to know the product development, sales and the project construction (Phase I) of high integration three-in-one powertrain system on site.

The high integrated 3 in 1 powertrain system has been selected as a major project of Liaoning Province. Besides the significant reduction in volume and weight, the product can also provide higher power density to effectively reduce range anxiety and dependence on batteries, avoiding the high cost of new energy vehicle. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2023, with an annual capacity of 200,000 units and an annual output value of 0.5 billion RMB.

During the visit, two leaders pointed out that Rhiva has a substantial market and a lot of patented products through technology accumulation and innovation. Relevant departments should strengthen services to help Rhiva solve difficulties in talent cultivation, funds and other aspects to support high-quality development.

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