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Jinzhou Wanyou Was Awarded Manufacturing Individual Champion
Recently, the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P.R.C. and the China Federation of Industry and Economy selected 90 manufacturing individual champion demonstration enterprises nationwide. Jinzhou Wanyou Mechanical Parts Co., Ltd. (Jinzhou Wanyou), a core subsidiary of Wonder Group, is on the list. The list has been stated by the Chinese manufacturing industry as the most powerful and credible national list. Jinzhou Wanyou is also the first company in Jinzhou that has won this national manufacturing title.

Since 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P.R.C. has implemented specified activities for cultivating and upgrading individual champion enterprises in the manufacturing industry, and launched the selection of demonstration enterprises for the national individual champion enterprises. To be selected as Manufacturing Individual Champion, a company needs long-term focus on manufacturing specific sub-product market, and has the international leading production technology and dominant market position to meet the strict requirements and rigorous selection process.

Jinzhou Wanyou is an expert in manufacturing automotive shock absorber piston rod and the cumulative output of piston rod has exceeded 300 million pcs since its establishment in 2006. The export volume of Jinzhou Wanyou weights over 70%. The company has built an expanded customer base and provided quality products and service to world-class car companies including Audi, BMW and Porsche, etc. Jinzhou Wanyou has 1 national laboratory, 130 R&D personnel and more than 30 national patents. Its adjustable damping piston rod and hollow piston rod take the leading position in the industry at home and abroad. The company has won several honors like National Top100 Excellent Suppliers, Liaoning Enterprise Technology Center and Liaoning High-tech Enterprise, etc.

The award of Manufacturing Individual Champion is an affirmation by the state ministries and the authoritative industry associations of the technical innovation, industry status, brand value and the comprehensive strength of Jinzhou Wanyou, demonstrating that the company has become a tier-1 Chinese manufacturing enterprise and has become the head company of piston rod industry.

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